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Get The Most Value of Workday Extend With UHO

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Get The Most Value of Workday Extend With UHO

Every Workday customer has encountered the limitations of only being able to configure the platform. This may have occurred when attempting to comply with local regulations, responding to unique requests from business colleagues, or when the organization’s priorities needed to align with Workday’s roadmap. Fortunately, the introduction of Workday Extend eliminates these issues.

Users may create their own apps that integrate with Workday to provide unique experiences and processes with the help of Workday Extend. The product securely integrates external data into the Workday application or allows external applications to access Workday data without requiring storage and updating of Workday data externally.

UHO offers consultative sessions that provide hands-on experience in data retrieval/security, page scripting, posting transactions, and page flows to support your technical team. As Workday develops the Extend toolset, our experts will continue to advise and assist your team in building Extend applications.

What is Workday Extend?

Workday Extend is a collection of resources that may be used to build and release Workday-specific apps. The IntelliJ (an integrated programming environment) Workday Extend Plugin is used to create Workday Extend apps. Some of Workday Extend components include:

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App Components

The content, style, and bespoke process logic of an app is all built using app components. Model Components, Presentation Components, and Orchestration Components are the three existing App Components for Workday Extend.

Presentation Components

Presentation Components are utilized to construct unique pages and processes within a given Workday tenancy. The IntelliJ IDE with the Workday Extend Plugin installed creates unique web pages by tagging them with presentation information written in JSON. Widgets, other page elements, and the API endpoints used to get information for those elements are examples of presentation components. 

Model Components

The developer constructs Workday Model Components like Business Processes, Business Objects, and Security Domains to accommodate the application’s unique data requirements. The tenant’s unique objects are built into the program and then sent out for use.

Types of Workday Extend Applications

Depending on the developer’s needs, the Workday Extend toolset may be used to create either internal or external solutions.

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Internal Workday Extend Application

Workday allows users to create websites and apps to display and gather information at the user level and add to preexisting business processes. It offers resources for dealing with unique business needs without needing a Workday brainstorming session. It is now possible for businesses that rely largely on bespoke objects to create matching interfaces which bring this information to life.


Examples of Internal Workday Extend Application

Ordering Business Cards

This Workday feature allows staff to order new business cards by submitting a procurement requisition with the necessary details.

Credit Card Request

Employees may submit a credit card request, and Stripe will instantly issue them a card. (can be adjusted to incorporate any credit card API).

Donations to Charity

Employees may set up one-time or regular payroll deductions for charitable contributions.

Registration of Vehicles

Employees may register their vehicles at their respective offices.

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External Application

When a company moves an app outside of Workday, it can do almost anything by using existing web technologies. An application may be developed to communicate with Workday consumers as if they were within the tenancy if Workday offers a REST gateway for the service being utilized. If an app’s user interface needs to look like Workday’s, the Workday Canvas Kit & Workday Canvas Design System make that possible.

For instance, Microsoft’s Anytime Feedback app integrates employee input, resume applications, and other data directly into popular messaging platforms like Outlook, Skype, Slack, and Teams.

What are the benefits of Workday Extend?

There are several ways in which using Workday may improve your company’s operations and, more importantly, its employees. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

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How UHO can help leverage Workday Extend

Using UHO’s Workday expertise, you can rapidly and reliably develop specialized software. The following are some of the Workday Extend services we provide:

Make the most of Workday Extend.