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Security Standards

Security Standards

We, at UpperHandOps, are specialists in consulting and hold over a decade of experience. UHO is here to guide our clients in successfully implementing & maintaining digital ERP solutions. We are experts in Workday with hands-on experience in the techno-functional field. Be it security or support: our customers are acquainted & equipped with the best practices in Workday integration, reporting, and Studio. We have a proven track record of working with businesses like yours, where we develop appropriate solutions for your specific needs. Our solutions reduce risk and make your business more functional and productive. We are an effective ERP and management solution purpose-built for your workforce. Our products make it easy to manage HR, payroll, and finance globally at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems. We operate our business with high privacy standards and strive to continually improve our products to help our customers meet or exceed their high privacy standards.

Protection of your data is our primary concern

At UHO, we believe in keeping our clients’ data secure so you can rely on us for all your ERP needs. Our up to date security solutions are trustworthy with the security, privacy and compliance of data for huge businesses. We support all types of business models and deploy industry-leading safeguards, also, continuously monitor our system so you can rest easy knowing your most sensitive data is safe.

The major components of our security standards

1. Availability- Data is readily available whenever needed.
2. Confidentiality- We prevent the disclosure of data to unauthorised parties
3. Authenticity- We verify the truths and facts of attributes that claim to be true.

Organisational Security Standards

We have security measures to protect our IT system, to make it harder for unauthorised people to access the system and its data. Our organisational security practice is here to help you set up measures that will keep your data safe and your business running smoothly.

We have an obvious process at UpperHandsOps to make it easier for you when reporting security issues in our services or software. All our operations strictly follow the procedures to ensure the safety of your data. Several security measures are carried out at UHO to ensure the safety of your data.

We have numerous interests at stake when it comes to security. UHO collects and uses a great deal of data about our customers, employees, and business partners and has a vested interest in preventing this data from being stolen or misused.

Organisational security helps protect your business against the following: loss of money, expensive repairs, loss of data, litigation, and damage to reputation.

Operational Security Standards

We exercise operational security in such a way that involves risk management and information classification. Thus, sensitive information can be safe and shielded from exploitation by keeping it secure and protected. The operational security standards at UHO consist of five steps:

● Identification – In the first step, we identify the data that could harm your business and classified accordingly. It is kept safe from falling into the wrong hands. The data may include research, customer information or financial data.

● Threat analysis – Threats that could be harmful to the data are analysed. There could be multiple possibilities of threats ranging from hackers, internal threats, and malicious emails.

● Vulnerability analysis – UHO recognises the vulnerabilities that could provide access to sensitive data, and we implement the security measures. These measures include software security as well as physical security.

● Risk assessment – The risks related to the data, like the damage that may occur, the cost it would incur, the recovery time and expenses, are assessed.

● Implementation of necessary countermeasures – We minimise the risks and assure complete security of your data. Our plans are broad and involve new policies, better training and support, and instant response.

How we ensure security in our operations

● Updated security tools
● Access permissions
● Updated software
● Strong passwords
● Managing incident responses

Data privacy

At UpperHandOps, we firmly believe that privacy is most important to our customers. Our privacy regulations will protect employee information and reduce risk. We provide you with leading privacy functionality. We have been in this for a decade now and are well known for our commitment to privacy practices. We can provide the highest level of security without compromising the ease of use or functionality.

UHO is compliant and protects your data, so you can focus on improving your business, not worrying about how to meet complex data privacy regulations. Our privacy approach has many benefits for you. UHO systems lie upon a foundation of compliance that will support your efforts to comply with privacy and other requirements. This informed, data-driven approach enables you to meet your privacy obligations and manage risk in ways that drive value.


The primary goal of UHO is to help us avoid imposing any significant risk on you, our customers. We offer a comprehensive solution that is flexible to suit your needs. Our products are flexible and scalable so that we can adapt to the changing business environment while saving you money on upgrades. Security issues are identified quickly and resolved immediately to ensure our clients’ peace of mind.

UHO offers superior methods to protect your most sensitive data. We take a multilayered approach to combat hacks, malware and other cyber threats that have plagued many businesses in the past. And all our security solutions work seamlessly with our UHO ERP system so that you can rely on us for all your back-office needs.

Our security standards help us responsibly grow our operations. UHO’s data centres and systems are evaluated continually for compliance with the most current standards and best practices for security, privacy and compliance. We use industry-leading safeguards to protect your data and take proactive steps to ensure its integrity.

All in all, it’s necessary to find an ERP solution you can trust. At UHO, our years of experience and focus on client satisfaction have made us one of the leading ERP providers in India. If you’re looking for a reliable company that will answer all your questions and provide outstanding service, we can supply you with the software you need.