The Ultimate Revelation Of Workday DevCon 2023

The Ultimate Revelation Of Workday DevCon 2023

Workday DevCon 2023 is here!

We are enthusiastic to announce an exciting Workday Event for the year 2023. We are holding our second annual Workday DevCon in July this year!

Workday DevCon 2021 marked the start of an annual event designed to empower our customers and partners to create trusted solutions for their workforce and their business. We have seen incredible things happen at this event, and we hope you will join us at DevCon 2023, which will be held virtually and is open to all Workday customers and partners.

What is Workday DevCon?

DevCon is a digital event designed to empower developers, builders, and IT professionals to extend their Workday experience and accelerate their digital transformation.

Why should you attend Workday DevCon 2023?

The workday event will allow you to envision new business capabilities without a huge capital investment. You will learn about a new platform that will let you do more with your current workday system; Workday Extend.

DevCon 2023 will cover both the business and technical aspects of Workday Extend.

If you are a Workday customer, you will gain access to the Extend Developer Site. You can access the Dev Site will be available for two weeks after the conference. You will also have access to the DevCon site six months after the event.

What is Workday Extend? Why should you care?

It is not an extra add-on or extension product that sits on top of or outside your Workday system. It is an innovative way to use the powers of Workday that many companies are not aware of. Workday Extend is the platform for you to build and extend your Workday system with any application or technology and securely manage these integrations from a single place. Extend will help you tackle custom application development with confidence, continuous improvement and faster implementations.

We invite you to gain insight from leaders who are forward-thinking. Attend the DevCon event to get a jump start on learning everything there is to know about Workday Extend, including hands-on exercises to learn how to use it for your organization.

At DevCon, you will have the opportunity to learn how to extend your Workday system, interact with other customers and hear experts share best practices and innovation. Utilize all that you know about Workday to create engaging Workday applications.

How our event will be your opportunity to engage with industry influencers and experts?

Attendees will be able to connect with fellow attendees on the conference app, access event recaps and continue to connect and collaborate after the event.

Hear from participating DevCon customers how they use Workday Extend to address their business needs. You will find out the latest industry trends and Workday innovations by listening to our compelling panel of customers, partners, and Workday executives. Acknowledge and hear from developers who lead with influence and contribute to the community

Prizes! Did we mention them?

DevCon will be conducting contests for competitive candidates. The top three teams out of the ones participating will walk away with cash prizes to help fund their solution and be featured at Workday Rising as an award-winning team!


Workday DevCon 2023 will surely position you as an innovator and an agent of change for your organization. Empower your organization with the ability to build, deploy and manage new solutions confidently. With the changes made by Workday to their core offering, extending your business is more potent than ever. As Workday’s solution continues to develop, new features will become available.

We anticipate this event will fall short of seats soon. Register yourself as early as possible, and don’t miss out on the chance to increase your business value.

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