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Unleash the Power of Workday HCM with UHO

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Unleash the Power of Workday HCM with UHO

The key to realizing the value of HR lies in recognizing it as an ongoing journey intricately linked to company culture and attitudes. Its objectives are continually evolving, necessitating an HR transformation that embraces innovation and agility to align the culture and goals of the organization around change. This is precisely where the power of Workday human capital management services comes into play.

At UHO, we recognize the significance of effectively organizing, staffing, managing, and compensating your global workforce throughout the entire hire-to-retire cycle. It is critical for businesses to do so, which is why we assist organizations in leveraging the Workday human capital management system, which is cloud-based and integrates HR, talent management, payroll, and time tracking into a single system of record.

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The Importance of Workday HCM

Genuine digital transformation is imperative for organizations to increase efficiency and readiness for change by generating novel experiences for both customers and employees.

To achieve real success, workforces require digital tools, training, and appropriate leadership and cultural support to unlock their full potential and creativity.

As Human Resources reaches a critical juncture, the importance of HR has become more evident than ever. To attain genuine success, your business must adopt a modern HR mindset and embrace change.

Backed by workday human capital management services and implementation services, you can become more robust in a digital environment and not merely survive but thrive.

Workday HCM Modules That Every Company Needs

Workday Studio Integration, Upper Hand Ops

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Workday human capital management services  offers self-service functionality for both managers and employees, which can be immensely beneficial for Organization Management, Compensation management, and Absence management.

Benefits of Administration

This feature facilitates benefit plans, events, and eligibility with cloud connectivity, as well as providing evidence of insurability and managing health savings accounts.

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Talent Management

Talent management boasts features such as comprehensive onboarding, goal setting, performance-oriented management, succession planning, and programs for personality and career development.

Workforce Planning and Analytics

The Workday human capital management system  Planning and Analytics module provides operational headcount planning, supply and demand analysis, and various methods for Workforce Analytics.

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Project and Work Management

This module offers project and non-project work management systems, resource pool capabilities for labor assessments, efficient task execution, cost, pricing, and budget tracking methods, as well as project analytical training and support for achieving milestones.


The recruitment module offers various features, including screening, pipelining, headcount management, sourcing analytics, employee referral structures, job position management, social media marketing of roles and positions, candidate selection, and offer and package descriptions.

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Workday Payroll

Workday Payroll is designed to facilitate payroll processing for multinational companies, featuring a robust calculation engine, self-service functionality, automatic tax updates, and auditing and reporting capabilities.

Time Tracking

The time tracking module provides features such as mobile device and web-based time clock functionality, time approval management, global time reporting and analytics, and data entry and calculation.

Big Data Analytics for HCM

The Big data analytics module includes various built-in HR templates, such as data retention, workforce planning, pay-for-performance, diversity, payroll, cost analysis, and compensation, providing ample data analytics capabilities.

UHO’s Role in Making The Most of Workday HCM

Our focus is on aiding clients in deploying Workday solutions, learning how to use the system efficiently, and transforming their businesses by strategically setting up their Workday human capital management services integrations to foster growth.

Our team, workday human capital management services of consultants thoroughly comprehends your organization, people strategy, and rationale for choosing Workday. As Workday professionals, we then work collaboratively to build a technology roadmap and instance that aligns with your goals. We help:

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Reinvent your Business

We can help you revolutionize your business by leveraging our expertise in transformation and the adaptable nature of the Workday platform, delivering uncomplicated HR solutions that enable you to welcome change.

Optimize your Workday Human Capital Management

We ensure your Workday human capital management system  is aligned with your organization’s requirements and workflows, and we assist in integrating Workday into your people management strategy to maximize its potential.

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Increase your Business Value Fast

Collaborating with us, workday human capital management services  empowers you to transform your visionary ideas into practical advantages, enabling you to achieve rapid and concrete outcomes for your workforce.

Make Use of the Entire Platform

Utilize the transparent and seamless collaboration between HR and finance made possible by the comprehensive Workday human capital management system.  We connect people and financial data, offering a holistic view of your ERP data.

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UHO’s Unique Capabilities

As we envision becoming Workday partners, we constantly strive to offer the best consultation to our customers. Our Workday human capital management system expertise spans multiple areas, the prominent ones being:

UHO’s approach to workday human capital management services incorporates specialized knowledge of different industries and domains for every project and is supported by impressive client satisfaction ratings and strong recommendations. Moreover, our expertise in Workday HCM has earned us recognition as a prominent player in the field.

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